visit Govinda Dev ji Temple


The construction of Govind dev ji started under the guidance of Raghunatha Bhatta and his disciples headed by Raja Man Singh of Jaipur about 1570.This famous temple was established by Srila Sanatana Goswami and was the first temple to be built in This deity was established by Srila Rupa Goswami who was ordered by Lord Chaitanya to excavate all the lost holy places of Vrindavan. Five thousand years earlier, Lord Krishna’s grandson, Vajranaba, installed a number of important deities in Vrindavan, Govind dev ji is one of them. Rupa Goswami visit all over Vrindavana to locate the Yogapith, the resting place of original deity of Govind dev ji, but after a month of searching, the deity could not be found. Rupa Goswami feeling disappointed, came and sat by the bank of river Yamuna and shedding tears, began calling the name of Lord Chaitanya -“Ha Chaitanya Ha Chaaitanya” (oh Chaitanaya). Suddenly Lord Krishan in the guise of a beautiful brajvasi boy appeared and informed Rup Goswami that a cow came every day to a near by hillock, and emptied its milk in to a hole in the hilltop. He asked Rupa to accompany him to the place and see what might be in the hole. Rupa Goswami followed the boy and upon reaching the spot, the boy disappeared. Looking within the milk drenched hole, Rupa Goswami immediately fell unconscious in a wave of ecstatic emotions. When he recovered, he summoned the local people who excavated the hole and found the beautiful deity of Lord Govind dev ji.Lord Govindadeva and all the important Deities of Vrindavana had been moved to safer places. The solidiers  read More…



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