visit to Wankhar Entomology Museum in shillong


Wankhar Entomology Museum, situated in Shillong, has a vast collection of different species of butterflies, moths, rhinoceros beetles and other stick-insects of different patterns and colors. Established in the 1930s by the Wankhar family, it is locally known as the Butterfly Museum. Around 1600 species of butterflies and moths which have been collected from all over the world are displayed here. This museum has the honor of being the only known museum in India devoted to moths and butterflies. Wankhar Entomology Museum has also played an important role in the conservation of rare butterfly and moth species by starting a breeding program. The museum has a few displays providing insight into the life span and habitat of these insects.


Monday        11AM–4PM

Tuesday        11AM–4PM

Wednesday        11AM–4PM

Thursday        11AM–4PM

Friday        11AM–4PM

Saturday        11AM–4PM

Sunday        Closed

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